About Us

RF elements® is an innovative manufacturer of wireless networking equipment. We are a team of talented people thinking outside the box. We believe in the power of innovation, technology and creativity. Our unconventional approach results in unique, game-changing products.


Our Founders

RF elements® was founded by Juraj Taptic and Martin Marcincak in 2010. Our goal is to become the most innovative wireless vendor.

Martin has spent the majority of his professional career in the wireless industry. His experience includes professional microwave solutions, broadcasting systems, and 802.11. Martin founded and managed one of the first European distribution companies in the early era of the 802.11 technology.

Juraj graduated in business management and has a strong technological background. His professional career is about building successful companies. Juraj's track record includes CEO of eTel, a nationwide telecom company, and Country Manager at Sun Microsystems Slovakia.

our founders

Our Mission

We see a world where technology connects everything to the network, so we people don't have to do it. Instead, we can live a better life, take less care of things that machines can do for us. Have more time for ourselves, be genuine human, and not human machines.

This is just the beginning of the beginning. The greatest innovation of our lives is coming, and it will be delivered without wires.



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