Introducing The Sector Carrier Class

Sector Carrier Class Antennas are premium sector antennas optimized for the best MiMo performance and cluster deployment. Thanks to our patent-pending BackShield™ technology, co-location with Sector Carrier Class is an easy task.

Powerful Features

Balanced Antenna systems for MiMo performance

RF elements Sector Carrier Class Antennas are optimized for balanced performance between H & V antenna systems. Due to balanced radiation patterns and gain, the antennas excel in MiMo performance.

Light & Compact

The antenna body and the brackets are made of the best quality aluminium, are compact and light. A class ahead of its competitors.

Sector Antenna400

BackShield™ for Cluster Deployments

Frequency-selective reflectors are integrated into the antenna structure to attenuate side lobes and backside radiation. BackShield™ significantly improves co-location ability in cluster sector deployments.

Cost Effective

Extensive amount of powerful features at no extra cost! Do not pay extra for external RF shields, and save on tower rental and shipping fees.

Balanced RF Performance

RF elements Sector Carrier Class Antennas are optimized for balanced performance between horizontal and vertical antenna systems. Radiation patterns and gain in horizontal and vertical polarization are as similar as possible.

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Balanced performance is a key requirement for perfect MiMo performance. Thanks to this unique balanced performance, Sector Carrier Class Antennas excel in MiMo deployments. The achievable area coverage and link performance are better than with mainstream antennas.

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Designed For Co-Location

Sector Carrier Class Antennas feature BackShield™, our patent-pending system designed to attenuate sidelobes and backside near-field radiation, and to significantly improve co-location ability in cluster sector deployments.


Frequency-selective reflectors that attenuate side lobes and backside radiation are integrated into the antenna structure. They are optimized for a particular frequency range where the antenna works.

backshield web2

3x3 For Increased Noise Resistance

Sector Carrier Class Antennas are also available in a 3x3 setup: Sector Carrier Class 5GHz 16dBi 3x3 (VVH) and Sector Carrier Class 5GHz 16dBi 3x3 (HHV). The antennas feature multiple horizontal or vertical systems that can be used with standard dual polarization H+V wireless CPEs.



When used in an environment with increased noise, 3x3 Sector Carrier Class Antennas benefit from multiple antenna systems with the same polarization. For example, if V polarized signals are more affected by noise and interference, Sector Carrier Class 3x3 VVH will enhance the propagation of V signal thanks to an additional V polarized chain.



Three chain antennas provide a signal with a higher diversity. Each stream is transmitted independently and helps to better deal with reflections. If there are obstacles in the sector area, such as trees or buildings, a 3x3 Sector Carrier Class will perform better in reception of the signal than a 2x2 Sector.

2x2vs3x3 v2c

Light & Durable

Sector Carrier Class Antennas are made of aluminium and stainless steel, yet are compact and light - a class ahead of its competitors. RF ports are secured by a detachable protective cover, a feature first time introduced by RF elements®, and now commonly used by other antenna manufacturers.

Wide Platform Compatibility

List of compatible platforms includes:

UBNT™ Rocket™ M
UBNT™ Rocket™ AC
UBNT™ Rocket™ Titanium

RF elements® RockShield™
RF elements® StationBox® S Carrier Class
RF elements® StationBox® S

MikroTik™ Netbox*
MikroTik™ Basebox*
MikroTik™ Netmetal*

Cambium Networks™ ePMP1000™
connectorized radios*

*with EasyBracket™

480b compatability


Sector Carrier Class 2.4GHz 14dBi 2x2 (H+V)

130.00 $ / exc. VAT

Product ID: SEC-CC-2-14
Frequency Range: 2400 - 2485 MHz
Gain: 14 dBi

Sector Carrier Class 5GHz 20dBi 2x2 (H+V)

140.00 $ / exc. VAT

Product ID: SEC-CC-5-20
Frequency Range: 5450 - 5850 MHz
Gain: 20 dBi

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