Increase The Link Performance

NanoBracket® SXT offers a 3-axis positioning system based on the 1st generation of our patent-pending ball hinge. NanoBracket® SXT enables precise and easy adjustment of the CPE in azimuth, elevation and rotation to eliminate a potential missmatch loss and to achieve the best RF performance of the MiMo link.

Made For MikroTik™

NanoBracket® SXT is designed for installation of popular RB SXT devices from MikroTik™. NanoBracket® features our original patent-pending ball hinge mechanism which makes the adjustment of azimuth, elevation and rotation seamless and fully independent.

NanoBracket SXT IE

Robust and Durable

NanoBracket® SXT is made of a durable UV-stabilized ABS plastic. The bracket can be easily and quickly installed on a wall or on a pole.

NanoBracket SXT 1

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