IP55 Aluminium Enclosure

StationBox® ALU is an IP55 rated outdoor enclosure for wireless platforms, access points, Helium miner hotspots, and IP66 rating can be achieved by sealing the drain hole. The enclosure is made of die-cast aluminium and is covered with UV resistant paint to offer excellent weather resistance and improved RF noise protection.

Easy Installation

The mounting system on StationBox® ALU allows easy and quick installation on a pole or on a wall. The mounting bracket is made of plastic to minimize mechanical vibrations coming from the pole to the enclosure and the electronics.

Easy RouterBoard™ Integration

The innner mounting plate has premolded holes for easy installation of various popular boards such as MikroTik™ RouterBoard™ RB922, RB912, RB911, RB711, RB433, RB411; Alix; or Helium miner hotspot electronics.

Built To Last

StationBox® ALU is made exclusively of high grade materials: die cast aluminum, UV resistant paint, and stainless steel hardware. The enclosure also features a number of nifty little details, such as captive screws that do not fall out when loosened.

StationBox ALU3
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