Shield For UBNT™ Rocket™

RockShield™ is a rock solid shielding enclosure for UBNT Rocket™ radios. It is extremely light, easy-to-install, and provides RF and environmental protection. RockShield™ is the most compact and easy-to-use shielding enclosure on the market.

RS2 800

Clip It To The Antenna

RockShield™ is fully compatible with Ubiquiti Networks™ Rocket™ mounting system - the shielded Rocket™ radio can be clipped directly to the antenna. This makes RockShield™ an unbeatable shielding solution.

User Friendly Shield

RockShield™ is the most easy-to-use shielding enclosure on the market. LEDs remain visible and access to cables is practical, through a sliding cover. The slider is  gloves-friendly and is secured by a captive screw.


RockShield™ was designed to be almost invisible. It seamlessly wraps around the plastic Rocket™ radio while increasing its weight only marginally. 


Disruptive Price

RockShield™ is disruptively priced at MSRP of 19.90,- USD. With its handful of features, RockShield™ is a no-brainer for every owner of an unshielded UBNT Rocket™ radio.

RS20 800

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