Indoor Enclosure Made For MikroTik™

StationBox® InSpot is an indoor enclosure for wireless hotspots. StationBox® InSpot directly supports MikroTik RouterBoard RB922, RB912, RB911 and RB411, and integrated hAPs and RB951s.

802.11ac Dual Band

StationBox® InSpot is compatible with the newest RouterBoard RB922 offering fiber connection and dual band 802.11ac wireless.


Easy Installation Without Tools

StationBox® InSpot features snap locks and twist locks wherever possible to make the installation and maintenance easy and smooth. 

installation h400


StationBox® InSpot can be combined with a wide range of RF elements® omni-directional antennas that connect directly to MMCX ports. It is also easy to integrate additional equipment, such as 3rd party antennas, USB drives, 3G modems, or power converters.

antennas h420

Fits Any Interior

InSpot is designed to fit any indoor environment. It can be easily installed either on a wall or on a celining tile.

Inspot in Use lenscorrection


StationBox® InSpot Indoor Enclosure

Material: ABS plastic

StationBox® InSpot Bundle with 2 antennas

Frequency Range: 2400-2485 MHz + 5450-5850 MHz
Gain: 2-4 dBi
Material: ABS plastic

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