Technical Data

Product ID
ABS plastic
Operating Temperature
-30 to +60 °C
Flame Rating
UL 94 HB
Ceiling Tile Thickness
10 - 14 mm

Compatible Wireless Platforms

hAP lite classic, hAP ac lite, hAP ac, RB951Ui-2HnD, RB951G-2HnD, 911 Lite2, 911 Lite5, 911 Lite5 dual, RB411L, RB911G-2HPnD, RB411GL, RB911G-5HPnD, RB911G-5HPacD, RB912UAG-2HPnd, RB912UAG-5HPnd, RB411AR, RB411AH, RB922UAGS-5HPacD

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