Compact CPE Enclosure

StationBox® Mikro is a compact outdoor enclosure with an integrated MiMo antenna, designed for seamless installation of MikroTik™ RouterBoard™ RB92x, RB91x, RB71x and RB41x.

sbxmikro cover

Made For MikroTik™

StationBox® Mikro is designed for a seamless integration with MikroTik™ RouterBoard™ RB92x, RB91x, RB71x and RB41x.


sbxm 800

Integration Without Tools

Inserting the base panel into the top cover and closing the bottom cover requires absolutely no tools. Main body parts are secured by an Auto-Lock System that protects the box against accidental opening. The installation is fast, smooth, and cost-effective as never before.

sbxmikro integration without tools

Weather Resistant

StationBox® Mikro is built from a UV stabilized ABS plastic to resist weather impacts. A one-piece cover naturally guarantees water resistance while letting the enclosure ventilate hot air and humidity.

sbxmikro weather resistant


StationBox® Mikro 5 GHz

Product ID: SBXM515
Frequency Range: 5450 - 5850 MHz
Gain: H 13dBi / V15dBi

StationBox® Mikro 2.4 GHz

Product ID: SBXM2411
Frequency Range: 2400 - 2485 MHz
Gain: H 9dBi / V 9dBi

StationBox® Mikro Box

Product ID: SBXM-BOX
Material: ABS plastic

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