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Compact Aluminum Enclosure

StationBox® S Carrier Class is a shielded compact outdoor enclosure for MikroTik™ boards. The entire body is made of die-cast aluminium and covered by UV resistant paint for increased durability. StationBox® S Carrier Class offers excellent protection against the most demanding outdoor conditions.

Made For MikroTik™

StationBox® S Carrier Class is designed for RouterBoard™ RB911, RB912, RB711 and the newest RB922 supporting Fibre. The installation of RouterBoard™ is easy and requires minimum effort: StationBox® S Carrier Class comes with preinstalled pigtails, so all you need is to insert the RouterBoard™ and connect its radio ports.

made for mikrotik 1


The die-cast body of StationBox® S Carrier Class provides protection and shielding against unwanted RF intererence from the environment.


Snaps To Antenna

StationBox® S Carrier Class can be easily mounted on UBNT airMax™ antennas, RF elements® antennas and all other antennas equipped with a compatible radio mount. StationBox® S Carrier Class integrates seamlessly with RF elements® Sector Carrier Class Antennas.

Expandable Connectivity

StationBox® S Carrier Classs comes with two RF connectors and one hole for a cable. For custom installations, the enclosure features five more premolded holes for additional RF connectors and two more premolded holes for Ethernet or USB cables.

connectivitysbxscc 600

Built To Last

StationBox® S Carrier Class is designed to withstand the most demanding outdoor conditions. The body parts are made of die cast aluminium covered by UV resistant paint, the hardware is made of stainless steel, and the antenna bracket is made of high quality outdoor-rated ABS plastic.

stationbox S CC built to last 600

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