5 June 2016, Juraj Taptic (JT), CEO


In October of 2014, we introduced what we believed was a true industry changing innovation. We removed all coaxial connectors and RF cables from the current outdoor wireless equipment platform and created our own proprietary waveguide connector system. We introduced a new standard for radios and antennas in our industry. We created the core of our new Simper™ eco-system with performance superior to anything in the field to date. We named the connector TwistPort™ and created our first commercial products based on this standard. 

One may ask why such a small player like RF elements would take such a risk. The answer is simple. We care about what WISPs really need to be successful and we are not afraid to aim for change! We also truly believe that WISPs need a solution to their current complex problems from the bottom up.

We have a legacy of creating the products that later became a standard. Articulating NanoBracket® mounts and antennas with integrated BackShield™, to list a few. List of our Industry-First products and features is not a short read.

When creating new products, our priority has always been maximizing the value we deliver to our customers. Only when this job is done, we try to figure out, how to make our part of the deal. Back in 2012, when we first started thinking about what would later become the Simper™, we were sure that big change in the industry was needed. It is now June of 2016 and for damn sure SIMPER™ IS THE RIGHT WAY TO GO. We are positive now because customers simply get it, and they get it real quick. They see what happens with an old link, when they replace mainstream antennas with our game changing Symmetrical Horns. They see it, they love it, and they become hooked. Those who tried, they now understand: Symmetrical horn antennas and a set of TwistPort™ Adaptors are just hors d'oeuvre on our menu. Let’s eat big together.

Simper™ technology is the right way to go, however: while we are getting more and more applause, attention and terrific feedback, there are still many who have not tried our TwistPort­™ featured products. WISPs - you simply have to! Because it is the biggest innovation in your industry, that preserves the most valuable asset you have: SPECTRUM. TwistPort™ allows you to multiply the performance of your networks. Because you are probably just now realizing, you have been spending your budgets on gear that is already obsolete! Now is the time for real change!

While we eat flies, our competitors breathe our dust. They can hardly match our design skills and hunger for innovation. For years we have served as a free source of inspiration (politely said) for many of the big industry players. Perhaps paraphrasing a famous Nikola Tesla quote is in order here: "We are not sorry to see our ideas in their products (or even patents) – we are sorry for them to not have enough ideas of their own." If you decide to wait for the "next big thing in wireless" that is coming from your favorite mainstream vendor this year, you will not get the best. We keep growing and our competitors now realize they cannot go on selling you obsolete designs forever. Our competitors simply have to follow us. 

So, will their cool new novelty be horn antennas, radios with wave guide connector, another antenna with integrated shield, or just another CPE with a built-in ball hinge mount.. shamelessly marketed as “a ground breaking innovation” - all that means is they no longer lead. And what is even worse: They don’t do it because they long to solve your problems primarily; they are just protecting their business at any cost! Dear ubiquitous competitors: while you are measuring your new horns, polishing wave guides, figuring out how to manufacture them cheaper than candy, I can only tell you: enjoy it. We were there years ago. That is our biggest advantage against you. So guess what will come next?! I can tell, because I know where the true #WirelessInnovation lives. It's here: 48.151129, 17.173795



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