Symmetrical Horn TP Antenna Gen2
Game-changing Sector antenna
TwistPort™ Adaptor for RouterBoard™
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By popular demand we've added @rfelements patterns for their 5GHz symmetrical Horn and UltraDish parabolic antennas.

@Cloud RF

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bluespan wireless, arizona usa

RF elements UltraHorn: The ultimate noise rejecting point-to-point antenna @rfelements UH-TP 5-24 - NEW item - in stock!


ok.. so here's the photos, this is the DMX project, got the 550 ultradish up top...

@Rob Stonehouse

UltraDish™ TP 400 and TP 550
TwistPort™ Adaptor PAF
for ubnt rocket® prism 5ac and airfiber® 5x
Introducing New UltraHorn™ TP 5-24
ultimate directional antenna

Which antenna option in the interface of a Ubiquiti, cambium or Mikrotik radio should be selected...?

@Jonathan Cubides


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