High Speed Internet has evolved to be a necessary utility to live a modern life. The perpetual growth of wireless is being driven by the virtually endless demand for more and more bandwidth everywhere. Free-band wireless technology is capable of delivering fiber speeds at a fraction of the deployment time and cost of a fiber connection. It looks like a perfect match. But there is one major problem with availability of spectrum:


The RF pollution problem is caused by an almost endless amount of RF noise created by today’s poorly designed and deployed gear. Noise is usually the result of RF signals that travel too far, in unwanted directions or with wrong signal timing. This massive amount of noise is a consequence of millions of radios deployed over the last decade with zero respect for sustainability.

The party is still wild and even today; the whole industry behaves very irresponsibly. WISPs are still deploying poorly designed, out-dated gear in unsustainable ways, creating wireless networks that will never work as they should. Without a solution to massive RF pollution problem, the Wireless Renaissance will never happen in the expected scale.


RF elements technology delivers fast, massively scalable wireless while addressing the issue of RF pollution, proper use of spectrum and sustainable growth. Unique approach makes RF elements technology excellent in rejecting noise, eliminating RF system loss and achieving massive scalability of wireless networks.  


Our approach to the problem of RF pollution is logical and simple, yet truly unique. Instead of dealing with excessive amounts of noise by using complex and expensive methods, such as active filtering or gps synchronization, we focus on the fundamentals of correct signal propagation. We try to remove the source of these problems, not just deal with the consequences, as our competitors try to do. Our approach is rather about cleaning the aether instead of better filtering. 

Our revolutionary antennas are based on Horn antenna technology, which we re-invented for today’s complex challenges. We have become the market leader in performance, cost, and spectrum efficiency. Our noise rejection features are unique and define a new class of wireless performance in a highly competitive market.



To achieve superior wireless performance, there are two key issues: Noise rejection and RF Loss. The main reason for RF signal loss is due to the necessary transmission of the RF signal between the radio and antenna. Typically, signals travel via coaxial cables and connectors, where part of the signal is simply lost due to the laws of physics. From the point of RF loss, coaxial cables and connectors are a necessary evil. They are needed to do the job, but they add nothing to the signal but problems.



Our proprietary TwistPort™ waveguide connector has no cables and no coaxial components. It uses a waveguide to transport the RF signal. 


In comparison to the current market standard, such as RP-SMA coaxial connectors, TwistPort™ is virtually lossless. It is also extremely easy to use and durable.



With current wireless equipment, increasing network granularity is simply not possible. Existing wireless equipment is hardly capable of delivering the performance needed TODAY, mainly due to low RF noise rejection and high loss. Also, ISPs often overlook the performance needed TOMORROW, rather worry about their current issues. This is now the past and the future is bright once again.

By solving the two biggest problems, RF Noise and RF Loss, we unlock a whole new dimension of wireless networking. WISPs now can supply their increasing customer demands for connectivity by deploying more sectors with much higher density. They really can increase the granularity of their networks, and they can achieve it at no premium – something they have been dreaming about forever. With using RF elements technology, ISPs can instantly multiply the performance of their networks and value that they can deliver to their customers.


Explore the unique noise rejecting Horn antennas, UltraDish™ TP parabolic dish antennas, and TwistPort™ Adaptors for 3rd party radios. Click to explore.

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