23 January 2020, Tomas Zvolensky

The Case for Asymmetrical Horns

The why & how of Asymmetrical Horn antennas Read More

23 January 2020, Tomas Zvolensky

El caso de las Cornetas Asimétricas

El por qué y cómo de las antenas asimétricas tipo corneta Read More

7 August 2019, Roger Verástegui

AkiNet: WISP in Peru that has managed to grow intelligently thanks to RF elements antennas

Guest blog by Roger Verástegui Read More

1 April 2019, Professor Dr. Zocharia Shutkin, Dr. h.c.

Horn antennas are the gift from ancient astronauts

Guest blog by Professor Dr. Zocharia Shutkin, Dr. h.c. Read More

6 October 2018, Juraj Taptic (JT), CEO

Make 5GHz Great Again

I am writing this blog while finishing preparation for WISPAPALOOZA 2018, WISP industry annual event that starts in two days in Las Vegas. It is obvious, that it will bring avalanche of „everything waveguide“. Let´s see, if among plethora of new waveguide products, somebody will bring new spirit to the game. Read More

26 March 2017, Bernd Armbruster

Our New Toys from RF elements Just Arrived :)

Guest blog by Bernd Armbruster. Read More

31 January 2017, David Theodore

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for Fixed Wireless ISPs

Guest blog by David Theodore. Read More

4 January 2017, David Theodore

Broadband Access Skyrockets with Fixed Wireless in 2017

Guest blog by David Theodore. Read More

10 October 2016, David Theodore

Why Devo is Suing RF Elements Over Their Symmetrical Horn Antenna

Guest blog by David Theodore. Read More

24 June 2016, Juraj Taptic


Why Good Guys Have Horns ..and the bad guys sell you dBi dream. Read More

5 June 2016, Juraj Taptic (JT), CEO


In October of 2014, we introduced what we believed was a true industry changing innovation. We removed all coaxial connectors and RF cables from the current outdoor wireless equipment and created our own proprietary waveguide connector system. Read More

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