Currently Open Positions

Senior Recruitment Manager

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Junior Recruitment Manager

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Business Development Manager - Latin America

Bratislava (Slovakia), Latin America

Business Development Manager - U. S. & Canada

U. S., Canada

Business Development Manager - ME Region

Middle East region

Business Development Manager - Russian Federation

CIS Region

Business Development Manager - Southern Europe

Southern Europe

Channel Account Manager - U.S. & Canada

U.S. & Canada

Channel Account Manager - Latin America

Latin America

Customer Service Specialist

EU / U.S.

Product Manager - Wireless Broadband

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Product Manager - Integration Platforms

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Digital Marketing Manager

Bratislava (Slovakia), U. S.

Graphic Designer

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Video Editor

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Social media content designer

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Especialista en soporte de producto - México


Gerente de desarrollo de negocios - México


Financial Controller

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Marketing Manager

Bratislava (Slovakia)

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