5 August 2021

2021 Price Increase Announcement

As you may have heard, some of our Distributors announced early that we are increasing the prices of our products. Yes, it is true.

It is not difficult to observe that costs are rising with just about everything. We have all seen it in our grocery, home improvements and even fishing equipment. Our industry is not immune. In the past we have absorbed the increasing cost associated with our products, as our pricing has remained stable for the past 7 years. But the current rise of costs is so intense, that we no longer can absorb these cost increases.

Due to the continued steep rise in all major costs - materials, transportation, logistics, and labor - we have announced a price increase to our distribution channel. You will note our prices increasing during the following weeks and months. Our distribution channel will be given an opportunity to place orders prior to the price increase taking effect. Please reach out to your Distributor by August 10th to secure your specific inventory of RF elements equipment at our current price level.

We appreciate your understanding.

RF elements Team

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