11 November 2013

Introducing Carrier Class

RF elements is consistent in having focus to WISP's needs. To address increasing requirements on RF performance, durability, weather resistance, ease of use and multiplatform compatibility, RF elements is introducing Carrier Class line of wireless products. RF elements Carrier Class products are overcoming today's market standards in essential features.

RF performance
Carrier Class antennas are our answer to specific performance requirements that WISP's have today. Improvements on Front to Back, radiation patterns and gain can increase noise resistance, and provide more reliability into network planning and architecture. WISPs will achieve savings on money, time and mast load by elimination of need for additional metal shields.

Metal Construction
Extensive use of aluminium on mechanical parts improves mechanical robustness, as well increases isolation of radios placed inside enclosures.

Multi-Axis Brackets
Carrier Class products will come with integrated Multi-Axis Mounting Brackets. Our development appetite makes us leaders, not followers, prepared to see more of genuine RF elements mounting solutions in Carrier Class products.

Made for MikroTik
Our Carrier Class products are Made for MikroTik. Our sectors seamlessly integrate RB912OUT. Aluminium enclosures and CPE antenna boxes swallow RouterBoards with ease and elegance.

UBNT compatible
Our Sector antennas are compatible with UBNT Rocket radios. We are innovative by definition - You can mount and remove Rocket radio using single hand and with gloves on.

Unbeatable Price
Check the pricing of every Carrier Class product that comes to the market. We will be redefining the price performance standards to a whole new level.