17 October 2014

RF elements Debutes Simper™, the Breakthrough Line of Wireless Products

RF elements announced the new product line of wireless equipment at WISPAPALOOZA 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. The new line of radios named Simper™, as a tickling acronym of SIMplicity and PERformance, demonstrates industry changing approach to wireless networking.

Simper™ introduces highly scalable, easy to deploy eco system of wireless products with improved RF performance. Announced products feature TwistPort™, proprietary patent pending connection system between Simper™ radios and compatible antennas. "TwistPort™ will change the industry; the only question is how quickly it will happen," says Juraj Taptic, Managing Director of RF elements. "We are well known for our unconventional approach to product design, and the idea of TwistPort™ is the best example of it. Connection between radio and antenna is virtually lossless, and it is brilliantly simple to use it in field. With TwistPort™, deployment of the radio is a simple twist-and-lock. TwistPort™ has a huge potential to become the new industry standard."

First Simper™ radios will be based on MikroTik™ RouterBoard™ technology, will feature the newest 802.11ac, and will be running MikroTik™ RouterOS, the most advanced wireless networking platform today. More Radios will be released during H1 2015 offering compatibility with main wireless platforms.

Together with Simper™ Radios, RF elements announced wide range of TwistPort™ antennas, including Symmetrical Horn antennas and UltraDish™ TL parabolic dishes. The highly scalable ecosystem is also ready to embrace existing pool of traditional connectorized radios. The Simper Radio Adaptors will enable industry leaders' radios, such as Ubiquiti Networks™ Rocket™ M5, Rocket™ 5ac, and Cambium Networks™ ePMP1000 AP and CSM, to be compatible with TwistPort™.