Base Station MiMo Sector at Alternet, Slovakia

Solid Build and Easy Installation

At Alternet, we tested the RF elements MiMo Sector Antenna, model SECM590 (5GHz, 90° beam). We all agreed that the antenna looks very good, the appearance is distinctive and smooth. The coaxial waveguide cover is in our opinion a very practical feature. With the best quality waveguides used as jumpers, it is the best solution on the market today. Our field engineers liked the ease of installation, which is outstanding.


Excellent Service

In terms of performance, it is comparable to the large Airmax 5G-20-90 Sector Antenna from Ubiquiti. The overall impression is very good, we can recommend this product.

The guys at RF elements did a great job!

Michal Rybarik, Alternet

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