Ago Telecom, Valencia, Spain

Excellent Service

Ago Telecom offers telecommunication services as an ISP. We have a wide network of access points. Our access points are typically installed about 20-30 meters above the terrain in order to achieve a high coverage. Due to the placement of our access points, when our customers are too close or below them, the radiation angle of the CPE Routerboard SXT is not enough in many cases. That is why we have been forced to find a solution to precisely orientate CPEs in such cases.

Ago Telecom

Solid Build and Easy Installation

With the NanoBracket SXT from RF elements, we are able to perfectly elevate CPEs toward access points and hence solve problems caused by the differences in height. The product helped us a lot. The OEM bracket that comes with Routerboard SXT is completly flat, it does not allow to adjust CPEs vertically. Once we tested the NanoBracket SXT, we were really impressed. We decided to use NanoBracket SXT for all our installations, even when the CPE is used in a flat position.

Nacho Plá
Director of Ago Telecom


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