Q1 - Q2 2024 New Products

Great Leap In Technology

RF elements® Antenna technology solves noise issues and addresses major weak points of mainstream sector antenna technologies. RF elements® Horn Antennas provide excellent noise rejection, network scalability, and increased throughput. First introduced in 2014 and with improvements embedded in three generations of extremely successful products, RF elements® Horn Antennas have become the golden standard for Sector Antenna performance.

Our 4th Gen of Horn Antennas introduces a great leap in performance and mechanical design.


Wideband Performance Covering 5 and 6 GHz Unlicensed Bands

Our New Antennas set a brand new standard of antenna performance. With the upcoming opening of the new 6 GHz unlicensed band, we added a substantial amount of innovation and experience to our RF designs. Our new products include the 4th Gen of Horn Antennas and UltraDish™ Antennas introducing ultra wideband performance covering both 5 GHz and 6 GHz outdoor bands. RF elements® Antennas provide almost 2,000 MHz of ultra wideband performance while keeping gain, radiation characteristics and other performance features within tight requirements.


Wideband performance

New Wideband Horn Antennas Covering 5 and 6 GHz

All of our new additions to Horn Antennas provide ultra wideband performance covering 5 and 6 GHz unlicensed bands. Symmetrical Horn Antennas have a circular beam shape: azimuth and elevation radiation angles are identical, similar to a torch light. Our Asymmetrical Horn Antennas have an elliptical cross-section of the radiation pattern, providing increased gain and a different coverage pattern. Our new Asymmetrical Horn Antennas bring the award-winning antenna performance to a brand new level providing excellent noise rejection, network scalability, and increased throughput. All our wideband Horn antennas are equipped with the game-changing TwistPort™ connector.

Tabulka SHandAH WB v2

Improved Mechanical Design with Superb Outdoor Resistance

Our Wideband Horn Antennas introduce new materials and manufacturing methods that allow for substantially improved corrosion resistance and environmental resilience of the product. We only use highly resistant materials such as extruded and stamped Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

AH90WB detail

New Wideband UltraDish™ 29 WB

UltraDish™ Antennas are premium directional dish antennas designed for high performance CPE and PtP deployments. UltraDish™ Antennas have suppressed side lobes for ultimate performance. Great stability of the radiation pattern and gain ensure flawless wireless connections. They are equipped with TwistPort™ - our practically lossless waveguide connector that is extremely easy to work with. UltraDish™ Antennas are built from high quality materials and feature the premium 3-Axis mounting system.

UltraDish UD Group 2 v4
Tabulka UD2

UltraDish™ 29 WB

  • Industry leading wideband performance covers both 5 and 6 GHz unlicensed bands
  • 2f dish - only 50mm (2 inches) larger diameter than UltraDish™ 27 (!)
  • Light weight built to last: full aluminum body with stainless steel hardware
  • Premium mounting system
  • Improved bracket with double pole clamp
  • Increased grip on azimuth setting hardware
  • Single unit packaging
  • Radome ready
UD29WB detial

New 4x4 Wideband Horn Antennas

4x4 Wideband Horn Antennas are built to enable superb wideband horn performance for 4x4 outdoor deployments. New Wideband 4x4 product line includes 60° and 90° dual horn antennas with asymmetrical beam shape designed for deployments with MU-MIMO radio platforms operating in 5 or 6 GHz unlicensed bands, such as Cambium Networks ePMP 3000, ePMP 4500 or ePMP 4600 Radios.

4x46ghz all
Tabulka 4x4

4x4 Wideband Horn Antennas main features


  • Ultra wideband covers both 5 and 6 GHz unlicensed bands
  • Built to last: light weight full aluminum body with stainless steel bracket and hardware
  • Substantially reduced weight vs 5 GHz models
  • Integrated handle for easy handling
  • Premium two-steps easy mounting system
  • RP-SMA radio interface
  • Two pairs of high quality pigtails
WB 4x radio v1
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