Introducing The New Array Sector

The new Array Sector is a superior patch array antenna optimized for excellent performance in sectorial coverage and dense cluster applications.

Stable Gain Across The Band

The gain of Array Sector antennas remains very stable across the whole useful frequency band. VSWR values are excellent across the whole useful spectrum for maximum power delivered from a radio to the antenna.

Gain 2 17

Best in Class Performance

Gain stability across spectrum

RF elements® Array Sector Antenna has optimized gain performance in the whole useful bandwidth. Thanks to stable gain, the antenna delivers excellent performance in 2 GHz unlicensed band.

BackShield™ for cluster deployments

Array Sector Antenna has integrated BackShield™ - our patented frequency-selective surfaces suppressing azimuthal side lobes and back radiation, improving its co-location capability.

Light & Compact

Array Sector Antenna is made of high grade aluminium that makes it compact, light, and extremely durable.

Array Sectro Powerfull Antenna

Optimized For Co-Location

BackShield™ is our patented frequency selective surface suppressing back radiation and sidelobes in azimuthal plane by mitigating parasitic surface waves. Backshield™ improves co-location capability of Array Sector Antenna in dense cluster deployments.


To suppress back radiation and side lobes in azimuth plane, we integrated our patented BackShield™ directly into antenna body. BackShield is a frequency-selective surface on which the antenna PCB is attached, so you do not need to spend more money for aftermarket accessory shields.

Wide Platform Compatibility

Array Sector Antenna bracket is compatible with radios of major brands in the WISP industry that have coaxial connectors at the output (check datasheet for a complete list). Detachable radio cover protests the SMA connectors from weather influences, a standard introduced by RF elements®.

New Antenna Bracket

The bracket of Array Sector is an innovative mounting system made of high quality materials and emphasis on minimum amount of parts, simple & quick assembly, alignment, and installation. The black color of the stainless steel hardware protects the bolts from seizing.

Hardware with Anti-Seize Coating

The black-colored surface treatment based on polymer tribological dry coating with sub-microscopic lubricant particles protects the bracket hardware from seizing extending the life-time of the whole bracket.

Array Sector 2-14 Unboxing

Array Sector Antenna has smart ecological packaging saving the shipping cost. Check the unboxing video below.


Array Sector 2-14

182.00 $ / exc. VAT

Product ID: AS-2-14

Array Sector 2-17

210.00 $ / exc. VAT

Product ID: AS-2-17

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