High Performance 4x4 5 GHz Sector Antennas

4x4 Horn Antennas are built to enable superb horn performance for 4x4 outdoor deployments using MU-MIMO radios. 4x4 5 GHz Asymmetrical Horn Antennas provide excellent noise rejection, network scalability and throughput increase. 4x4 5 GHz Horn Antennas are built as Array of 2x2 Asymmetrical Horn Antennas which were voted for WISPA Product of the Year Award for three consecutive years 2019-2021.

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Best-in-Class Performance

The radiation pattern of 4x4 Asymmetrical Horn Antennas is stable over the whole 5 GHz  frequency band with balanced Horizontal and Vertical beam patterns. 4x4 5 GHz Asymmetrical Horn Antennas cover a wide frequency range: 5180-6000 MHz with excellent VSWR performance. 4x4 Asymmetrical Horn Antennas are created as an Array of game changing 5 GHz Asymmetrical Horn Antennas. These Award winning antennas have naturally depressed side lobes: they focus energy into a single main beam, with beam efficiency in the range of 90-95%. Fundamental suppression of unwanted parasitic side lobes enables excellent noise immunity and total control over antenna array radiation patterns.

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Ultimate Mu-MIMO Performance with Cambium Networks ePMP

Cambium Networks™ ePMP product line has gained the market share with high performance, scalability and reliability in harsh interference environments. 4x4 5 GHz Asymmetrical Horn Antennas provide excellent performance featuring 4x4 MU-MIMO and dual overlapping sectors enabling the ePMP 3000 and ePMP 4500 to deliver their best. The ePMP radios can be fitted with either a 90º or 60° 4x4 Asymmetrical Horn sector antennas. The interference mitigation features of ePMP radios will greatly benefit from the Asymmetrical Horn Antennas highly efficient beam naturally rejecting interference due to heavily suppressed or eliminated side lobes.

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Integrated Radio Mount

4x4 Asymmetrical Horn Antennas are equipped with integrated mount for 4x4 connectorized radios from Cambium Networks and Mimosa. Cambium Networks™ ePMP 3000 AP radio can be easily mounted directly on the antenna for smooth installation. Matching high quality RP-SMA pigtails are delivered in the package with the antenna.

Built Like a Tank

4x4 Asymmetrical Horn Antennas are built as an array of award winning 2x2 Asymmetrical Horn Antennas. Antennas have solid aluminium body, are built to last and to resist harsh weather conditions. We use the premium materials: die cast and extruded aluminium, stainless steel, high quality ABS plastic and high density polyethylene. Innovative mounting system is built of massive stainless steel. Hardware is made of stainless steel with black surface coating to prevent galling at installation.

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Innovative Bracket

4x4 Asymmetrical Horn Antennas feature an innovative mounting system. The mount is separated from the antenna, making the installation and adjustment quick and easy. First install the bracket on the pole with the correct azimuth orientation. After that simply slide the antenna in the bracket. The safety hook and grooves will safely keep the antenna in place. Adjust the elevation and tighten the bolts to finish the installation. Only one tool is needed for the entire installation.

Easy Installation

We are Champions of Easy. Check out yourself:

All Models At A Glance

60° Sector 4x4

499.00 $ / exc. VAT

Product ID: AH60-4x4-SMA

90° Sector 4x4

499.00 $ / exc. VAT

Product ID: AH90-4x4-SMA

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