Versatile Outdoor Enclosure

StationBox® ALU-Mini is a compact outdoor enclosure for wireless platforms, access points, all things IoT, or Helium miner hotspots. StationBox® ALU-Mini is a customizable solution for wide range of applications whenever a reliable and durable enclosure is necessary.

SBX AM open 2

Designed for Builders

SBX ALU-Mini is designed for builders. Design is slick and ready for customization. We have published 3D data that will enable extensive customization to be quick and easy.

Customize the mounting plate

STL files for 3D printing of three different plate inserts with varying height are available for download HERE. Files are easy to customize for particular application.

Customize your electronics

To customize your own electronics PCB to fit specific shape or dimensions is often easier and more cost effective. Use our 3D data in KiCAD, Altium or any other SW suite to design custom electronics that works perfect with SBX ALU-Mini enclosure. If you need more details or information, go to our user forum or contact us directly!

SBX AM KiCad Sample

IP55 Aluminium Enclosure

StationBox® ALU-Mini is IP55 cast aluminium enclosure. Increasing the rating to IP66 can be achieved by sealing the drain holes. SBX ALU-Mini provides outstanding weather resistance for IoT, wireless platforms, or outdoor Helium miner hotspots.


Easy Installation

The all new mounting bracket on the StationBox® ALU-Mini enables easy and quick installation on a pole or a wall. The bracket is made of extruded aluminium to maximize the durability.

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