RP-SMA Coaxial Interface For StarterDish™ Antennas

StarterAdapter™ SMA connects to StarterDish™ antennas and provides female RP-SMA connectors - standard coaxial interface for any 3rd party radios. STA-SMA has dual linear H+V polarization.



STA-SMA covers a wide spectrum of 5150 - 5950 MHz with VSWR well below 1.8  throughout the whole bandwidth.

STA SMA Performance vswr 03

Minimized Loss

STA-SMA is a waveguide-based adapter. Since waveguide has near-zero loss, the adapter introduces practically zero attenuation in the waveguide part. The transition from coaxial connectors to waveguide feeder is optimized for minimum loss as well.

STA SMA Minimized Loss v3

Unboxing STA-SMA

This is probably the shortest unboxing ever made by us. Check out yourself :)

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