Designed for Dual Horn Setup

Twin Horn Bracket (THB) makes installation of dual horn setup easy and fast. THB is designed for installation of two Gen2 Symmetrical Horns in identical azimuth and elevation setup, specifically in dual N connector or dual TPA-SMA setup.

THB Designed for Dual Horn Setup

Optional Radio Mount

THB also provides integrated mounting option for 4x4 radios available on the market, such as Cambium™ ePMP™ 3000 and Mimosa® A5c. The radio and antennas are integrated on the same structure, enabling easy installation in the field. Radio mount is detachable, so the THB can be used with any 3rd party radio that is mounted separately.

THB and TPA Compatibility

When using Twin Horn Bracket with TwistPort™ antennas, all radios for which we offer TwistPort™ adaptor are compatible with this combination except: Cambium Networks ePMP 1000 series, ePMP 3000L AP, ePMP 300 CSM, and ePMP Force 400C - these radios are too long to fit them on Twin Horn Bracket.

thb zoom na radia copy 2

Easy Installation

Twin Horn Bracket features a new innovative mounting system. The mount is separated from the antenna which makes the antenna installation and adjustment easy and quick.

Step 1: Bracket Installation

First install the bracket on the pole.

Step 2: Antenna Adjustment

Simply slide the bracket in the pole mount bracket and adjust the elevation and the azimuth. Tighten the screws to finish the installation.

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