Introducing The New Simper™

Simper™ is the next generation wireless broadband radio with a lossless TwistPort™ connector. Simper™ demonstrates the perfect harmony between simplicity and performance. It is simply the perfect radio.

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Features TwistPort™ Connector

Unique performance and game-changing features of the Simper™ are based on our revolutionary TwistPort™ connector. TwistPort™ is a quick-locking virtually lossless waveguide port that connects Simper™ radios with TwistPort™ compatible antennas.

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Virtually Lossless

The TwistPort™ connector is virtually lossless: there are no coaxial RF connectors or RF cables that cause signal loss. In comparison to widely used coaxial cables and connectors, the loss on TwistPort™ is almost unmeasurable.

Unlimited Scalability

TwistPort™ is the key to the scalability of the RF elements® wireless eco-system. You can combine any Simper™ radio with any TwistPort™-enabled antenna, which enables scalability far beyond the market standard. Future upgrades are simple and cost just a fraction of what upgrades of competitive platforms would.

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New Definition of Easy

TwistPort™ is the new definition of “easy”. By integrating the mechanical and the RF connection into the same structure, the connection of the radio to the antenna is brilliantly simple - “twist and lock” - and can be done with one hand!

Simplification To The Core

The essence of the Simper™ concept is simplification. We changed the paradigm dominating today’s WISP technology for the better.

Changing the Industry Paradigm

Current industry standards are based on three units: a radio, pigtails and an antenna. This requires a lot of installation effort and the coaxial pigtails are a source of many problems, including signal loss. We redefined the industry paradigm to just two elements: the radio and the antenna. We completely removed the coaxial components. We integrated radiation elements with the radio PCB and made them a feature of the radio, not the antenna, as it is with current products on the market.
Further, we integrated a part of the waveguide with the mechanical structure of the radio. We moved the connection point between the radio and the antenna to a point where no significant losses occur: on the waveguide! We named the quick-locking connector TwistPort™ and patented the design. TwistPort™ is the most revolutionary feature in the industry and redefines how service providers plan, deploy, use, scale and maintain their wireless broadband networks.

Simper™ Reference Design

We created the very first units as a part of a proof-of-concept exercise using boards from popular MikroTik™ SXT integrated devices. We used passive PCB daughterboard from the SXTs integrated radio and powered it via MMCX coaxial connectors. Since then, our development work has focused on two reference designs, demonstrating the potential of the concept.

Simper™ Modular Radio

We created a compact radio module with radiation elements connected to the main PCB board with a mini PCI-Express data interface. The radio module is integrated into the mechanical waveguide structure and features our TwistPort™ connector.

This setup allows the use of 3rd party boards with other OS without compromises on RF performance, such as MikroTik™ RouterBoard™ with RouterOS™.

simper modular radio

Simper™ Integrated Radio

This reference design is the original interpretation of our idea of a highly compact radio with a TwistPort™ connector. The Simper™ radio module with radiation elements is integrated on the main PCB board.

The board is connected to the mechanical waveguide structure. The waveguide is integrated into the radio enclosure and features a TwistPort™ connector.

simper integrated radio
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