What is TwistPort™ Adaptor

TwistPort Adaptor converts 3rd party radio coaxial interface into RF elements® proprietary TwistPort™ waveguide connector. Integration of the radio is smooth and requires no tools. Making 3rd party radios compatible with TwistPort™ enables using the radio with any TwistPort™ antenna ever made with superior performance, noise immunity and network scalability.

Designed For ePMP™

TwistPort™ Adaptor for ePMP™ is compatible with Cambium Networks™ ePMP™ 1000 AP / CSM, ePMP™ Force 300 CSM and ePMP™ 3000L AP.

TPA ePMP compatible

Market Leading Performance

TwistPort™ Adaptors cover an ultra-wideband spectrum of 5180-6400 MHz and perform with superb efficiency and great VSWR.

Gain TPA ePMP gain rbc

Easy Installation

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Not The Adaptor You Are Looking For?

Find a complete list of currently manufactured TwistPort™ Adaptors Here. For older products please check Discontinued products.

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