Ultimate Noise Rejection

UltraHorn™ CC is horn antenna with high gain and high directivity. UltraHorn™ offers superb noise rejection due to symmetrical beam with no side lobes. These unique features make UltraHorn™ CC ideal for long distance links in high noise environment. UltraHorn™ delivers excellent performance as a narrow sector antenna for high noise environment. High performance antenna characteristics allow for precise network planning of dense co-location in very challenging RF conditions.


UH CC 5 24 web cover

Unique Beam Without Side Lobes

UltraHorn™ CC is highly directive antenna: radiated energy is focused only to the main beam due to the absence of side lobes. Precise radiation pattern of UltraHorn™ CC allows you to deploy long distance links in high noise environment with unprecedented performance. When implementing highly granular network coverage pattern, UltraHorn™ delivers excellent performance as a narrow sector antenna. 

UH CC 5 24 rez

Ultimate Noise Rejection

UltraHorn™ CC antenna lacks any side lobes which results into efficient noise rejection. Energy radiated in undesired directions is a direct source of noise: radios transmit and also receive signal from unwanted directions and sources. Side lobes of most mainstream directional antennas are immense. Sometimes almost as big as half of the main lobe gain, having enormous impact on overall performance of a link. UltraHorn™ CC antenna receives and transmits significantly less noise achieving incredible performance in noisy environment.

Radiation Patterns

Because horn is naturally directive antenna, it focuses the radiated fields into a single main beam without any side lobes. Commonly used antenna types, such as parabolic dish, always spills some of the energy over the aperture edge causing unwanted side lobes and interference issues.

High Gain Across 5 and 6 GHz Spectrum

UltraHorn™ UH-CC-5-24 performs with 24dBi of gain across an ultra-wideband spectrum: 5180-6775 MHz. In combination with narrow beam width and 99% beam efficiency, UltraHorn™ CC antennas bring amazing link performance even when compared to competitive products with higher nominal gain.

N-type Connectors

UltraHorn™ Carrier Class features N-type female connectors, enabling connection with wide range of radios, such as Mimosa™, Cambium Networks™ PMP450, LigoWave™, and many others.

UH CC 5 24 N type

No Accessories Needed

UltraHorn™ CC comes as a thorough antenna solution for a high performance wireless link. There is no need to spend extra money on radomes or shrouds. Any additional shielding only burdens the tower and your budget. UltraHorn™ CC has everything that is needed.

UH CC 5 24 no acces

Innovative Mounting System

UltraHorn™ CC antenna features innovative mounting system that makes antenna installation easy. The mount is completely separated from the antenna. First, install the bracket on a pole, and then slide the antenna on the bracket. Thanks to this mounting system, adjustment is quick and easy. Optimal beam shape makes alignment exceptionally simple.

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