Eficiencia de Radiación de la Antena

La eficiencia de radiación de la antena es uno de los parámetros básicos de cualquier antena. Aquí explicamos qué es, de qué depende y por qué es importante.

Antenna Radiation Efficiency

Antenna Radiation Efficiency is one of the basic parameters of any antenna. Here we explain what it is, what it depends on, and why it matters.

MIMO Introduction

Multiple Input and Multiple Output, or MIMO got a lot of attention in recent years. This short blog explains the motivation behind MIMO and basic techniques it leverages.

The Case for Asymmetrical Horns

The why & how of Asymmetrical Horn antennas Read More

AkiNet: WISP in Peru that has managed to grow intelligently thanks to RF elements antennas

AkiNet is a provider of Wireless Internet service in the city of Collique, Lima, Peru, with 7 years of experience. Read More

Horn antennas are the gift from ancient astronauts

Guest blog by Professor Dr. Zocharia Shutkin, Dr. h.c. Read More

Our New Toys from RF elements Just Arrived :)

Guest blog by Bernd Armbruster. Read More

Broadband Access Skyrockets with Fixed Wireless in 2017

It’s good news to thousands of communities afflicted with Goldilocks syndrome, where cable and DSL is too slow, but fiber to the door is too costly. Now at last, the Mother of Invention has delivered a happy medium. It’s “fixed wireless.” Read More


Why Good Guys Have Horns ..and the bad guys sell you dBi dream. Read More

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